Sunday, March 29, 2009

My ambition

My ambition is to join the police force. I chose this as my ambition because I love saving people from danger. My aim is to join the special police unit that deals mainly on gangsterism and terrorism. To achieve my dream I must have self-discipline, responsibility and bravery which I lack a bit. I must also be phsically fit

From: Kugan

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Topic: Tell us about your ambition or any secret dreams you might have for yourself.
  • What do you see yourself doing 10 years down the road?
  • who or what has influenced you in your decision?
  • If anything was possible, what would you dream of becoming or doing?

a response:

When i was in primary school, my brother and i wanted to be airforce pilots because we taught it was really amazing to be able to fly a plane. However, my eyesight started to deterioriate and i realised being an airforce pilot was very much out of the question. In addition, i discovered that i had slightly lower blood pressure so that might affect my orientation. I still held on to the dream of flying and travelling so i thought i could be an air stewardess. Sadly, my height became an issue. I stopped growing at secondary four. I was a mere 1.54m tall. When i was in junior college, i discovered through Community Involvement Programme that i love working with children and youths. At the same time, i was greatly inspired by my English Literature teachers and i set my aspirations at becoming a teacher. On the other hand, i was still passionate about working with troubled youths. So, while studying in university, i decided to major in social work and that allowed me to work with youths at Boys' Town Home for three months. It was an enriching experience.

At this point in time, i am contented with being a teacher. It allows me to work with youths and perhaps, much later in my life, i would return to the field of social work. :)

As for my secret dreams...... i would love to be a travel writer, photographer, wedding planner and florist. I love taking photographs. I love flowers. I love to travel and I love weddings :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome 4B2 to our first blog post!

Topic this week
Tell us about your hero or someone you admire.

a response:

A person I admire is a woman by the name of Sabriye Tenberken. She was born in Germany and at the age of thirteen, she became completely blind. I remember watching a documentary about her two years ago and how i was so moved by what she went through and the obstacles she overcame to be who she is today. One story i remember vividly was a time when she travelled to Tibet alone in order to help the blind. She rode alone into a Tibetan village on a horse and the villagers were amazed. Many asked her later. How did she do it? She laughed and replied, "well, the horse has eyes!" There, she started a school for the blind to educate children who were blind. She taught them to use Brialle to communicate. More signifantly, she taught the parents and everyone else that blindness was not a handicap.

From her, i learn that nothing is impossible. it is the mental boundaries and barriers that we set for ourselves that stop us from fulfilling our deepest desires.

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